Charleston Community Impact Corp. (CCI)  is a non-profit community-based organization that is committed to empowering people and building partnerships to serve under-resourced and at-risk communities.  CCI's main purpose is to transform individuals to become self-sustaining while transforming the community to be a place of peace and wholeness.

Charleston Community Impact Corp. is housed in the Impact Center. The Impact Center Programs provide food through the food pantry, children's’ programs, technology center(access to computers), counseling services, job readiness programs and more. This support allows families and individuals to focus on their personal growth, family health, and stability while having basic needs met.  Community members that utilize the services of the Community Impact Center are from multi-cultural backgrounds.



David and Rachel Johnson have been married for 17 years and have been working for their community ever since. It all started when they identified a need in their community. They felt the school system was failing the children of Charleston. This brought David to become a mentor at Burk High School. In doing so, they identified the lack of access to food for families facing poverty. This led them to partner with the Low Country Food Bank and starting a food pantry which transitioned into finding housing assistance for those facing homelessness. They finally decided to take it further and Incorporate in 2012 as a separate organization to be more accessible to the public.

When asked what led them to keep moving forward and looking for more ways to help their community, they smiled and answered, “By serving others, we improve the quality of life of the residents of Charleston and we are strengthening our community. We are simply doing God’s work in helping build a brighter future for our children.”