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Mission + Vision

2011– Charleston Community Impact, Corp. is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2011, to service low-income and homeless individuals, at-risk youth and adults in Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas. Our goal is to create a positive movement that will revitalize our community, as well as, impact the surrounding communities. 


2012 - The Dawn Transitional Housing Program was established to help single mothers and families experiencing homelessness. The program provides housing, job readiness, budgeting and other services to help families get and stay on the right path.


2014 - Charleston Community Impact, Corp. relocated to North Charleston, South Carolina to offer additional services through the Impact Center. The center offers services that will help individuals on a holistic basis.

"Together We Can Make an Impact"


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It is a pleasure to serve the people of North Charleston and Charleston area. Our goal is to provide hope for those who have lost hope due to their current circumstances. We believe that if we help one person find hope again, we will in-turn help an entire community. We're asking you to help us in the endeavor of helping our community one person at a time. 


Mr. David L. Johnson